Avoid missing quantities when you manually transfer measurements to Excel. Avoid the expense of paper plans.

CSP Construction Technology is an Authorized Reseller for eTakeoff Dimension and UDA Construction Software. Additionally CSP develops, provides and supports Add-Ins for eTakeoff Dimension making use of the latest capabilities of eTakeoff Dimension to communicate with your estimating system. We have integrated systems for all major non-MEP trades as well as other tool sets for added versatility.

CSP Construction Technology develops Visual Basic enabled estimating systems to provide a link between eTakeoff Dimension takeoff data and your Excel based estimating system. CSP will use your current estimating template as a basis so as to minimize changes to the user interface for your estimating staff.

CSP Construction Technology provides AutoCAD based “shop drawings” for {Wood} Framing Contractors as well as AutoCAD templates and training for Contractors.

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Electronic Takeoff Systems
eTakeoff Estimating Software

In the last few years eTakeoff has continuously improved and become more powerful. The tools available to build various systems have developed to the point where I believe there is no limit to the possible ways to construct takeoff systems using eTakeoff Dimension.

Some of the systems developed by CSP Construction Technology are suited for Premier and others for Advanced with the Extension Add-in and yet others for eTakeoff Dimension’s very powerful Advanced version.

CSP Construction Technology’s Premier systems include Lumber takeoff, Concrete & Rebar and Structural Metal Stud and a Structural Hardware system based on standard framing hardware items and the Simpson Strong-Tie Products. There is a video to the right illustrating the Lumber takeoff system – enjoy!

Our Advanced with Extension Add-In systems include Structural Steel (no weight book required), General Contractor identified and priced takeoffs, Doors and their hardware (Commercial and Residential), Windows and their exterior and interior trim with installation materials, Trusses (designed for manufacturers), Grading & Excavation including Utilities and Multi-Layer road and parking lot construction, Roofing tools including Standing Seam and Interior Finish.

Tool sets designed to fit into eTakeoff Dimension’s four column Advanced Measurement List configuration include Paving, Metal Stud & Drywall (LT), Shrub and Tree Takeoff, Curb & Gutter and Painting. Because eTakeoff Dimension Advanced can use Extensions that have previously been built, CSP has built many custom tools for contractors who are content with just 4 data items from their takeoffs. Text identification of the takeoff item is always included in this type of trace/extension as one of the four data items.

Download eTakeoff Plan Viewer

Basement material estimate including concrete, rebar, excavation, backfill and other items in under 3 minutes?

A paperless concrete estimating and reinforcing bar estimating system using eTakeOff and Microsoft Excel. With a few mouse clicks and inputting some information available in written form on the plans, you can obtain concrete yardage, rebar amounts differentiated by size from #3 through #18, post tension cabling, sand, visqueen, trenching, forming, embedded hardware counts, etc. There are separate tools for slabs, walls, grade beams, footings, piers, stem walls, etc. You can then link to these quantities with any Excel friendly program to feed your existing bidding system – and have a graphic record of the takeoff. Contact me and, using GoToMeeting, you can try this out on my computer. I look forward to your questions, feedback and involvement in a more efficient, cost effective estimating system.

Excel & Visual Basic Systems

Many contractors useVBA_Buttons Excel for their estimating and most of these Contractors already have a template they use daily to enter their estimating takeoff data into.

Visual Basic {for} Applications is a part of Excel and takes Macro creation and use to the next step. It is possible to build a stand-alone application within Excel that fully automates any process you now use Excel manually or semi-manually for.

The screen shot to the right is of three buttons that accurately process a 3500 line lumber list hiding the line items with zero amounts in them enabling an easier environment for the estimator to work in and produce a lumber list. CSP Construction Technology has built complete estimating systems using a many layered menu system searching Excel based pricing data and simple button activated processes like the screen shot.

Contact us to take the next step in automating your estimating process.

AutoCAD LT Working Drawings & Training

Take a look at the Examples PDF page. If this kind of work would benefit your project and you don’t want to learn AutoCAD LT at this time, please click the Construction Assembly Drawings page in the Services tab and take a look at the services offered. The services are both cost and time effective.