This tool set is probably the most versatile of all the systems. It is based on the Custom Measurement List capability using Custom Columns for complete output of every single data item available from an extension (assembly). An estimator usually starts with the concept “What is this? What else do I want to say about this? Where is it? And, how much do I want to charge for this?” The process of performing a measurement in this environment answers those questions to a degree and with an ease not often seen in takeoff software.

There are nine tools as part of this system. They have been designed to perform the basic takeoff measurements but in a unique way: extensive identification of the individual takeoff through text based choices and entries as part of the takeoff and the capability to use different units of measurement while performing the measurement with an output that is immediately transferable to Excel in a format the user probably already uses.

In each tool is a customizable drop down box allowing the user to choose a particular item from that group of items. Each tool type is easy to edit, modify or clone allowing a user to create a group of similar measurements in just a couple of minutes. That process is in the “Clone . . . “ video linked above.

Pricing for an item is based on the user’s choice of unit of measurement and the value is a user input value – not read from a database. CSI numbers can be input for each measurement. How pricing per unit of measurement is affected by the user’s choices is shown in the video “Introduction To Custom Tools”.

An important component with this system is a variable name, “Descriptor”, which is a Measurement List Column. This is a concatenated phrase built from user choices and inputs during the measuring process that becomes a unique part number for that measured item. This single item in a measurement becomes the “What is this, where is this and what else do I want to say about this?” component of an estimator’s process. Examples are provided in the manual.

Many of the tools in this system can be used by other trades and will provide them with very definitive takeoff tools that are easy to understand and use and transfer to Excel with ease.

A supplied Excel workbook is formatted the same as the Custom Measurement List.

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