Over the last several years I have written extensions (assemblies) for use in custom takeoff systems. I have not incorporated these into an “official’ system and there is no documentation for these tools. They are tested and have been used by me in takeoffs I have performed for me but, as I said, they are not part of any official system.

  •  CMU. This is a structural masonry block takeoff tool including the rebar required, bond beams, and filled vertical cells. It also has the mortar requirements in two different specifications. Rebar is #3 through #6 horizontal and vertical.
  •  1 part, 2 part and 3 part stucco systems with foam, related sheet metal, scaffolding and more.
  •  Curtain Wall and Store Front. This has actually been sold to a contractor on the east coast who is a distributor for one of the main glass wall component manufacturers. There is a manual but the system is limited to one type of curtain wall that is not blast or wind (think hurricane) type structure. The contractor found a way to be able to adapt the items in this “semi-system” to accommodate what he needed. All components are counted, including gasketing, glues, and screws. And has its own Excel workbook. This is not what I would call a complete system but is available for distribution.
  •  Floor and wall tiles system. Does all types of square/rectangular floor and wall shapes.