“I work for Strouss Brothers Construction in Santa Clara, California, we specialize in structural concrete and structural steel.  I use both the concrete take off system and the structural Steel take off system for every job I do.

The amount of work that went into both systems is impressive. A very broad knowledge of construction with a surprising amount of thoroughness is clearly present. Chad has designed a very complete and accurate system of traces to capture and compile virtually every quantity needed. If you’re looking to increase productivity and accuracy in your take off and estimating abilities  I would  highly recommend looking into any of Chad’s systems.”

Tim Strouss, Estimator, Strouss Brothers Construction

“As a framing estimator and a former field carpenter I don’t do well with a computer keyboard so with Chad’s Excel add-in, with its extensive data base and drop down menus, all I have to do is point and click. I spent the past several months looking for a good takeoff program for framing, I tried Planswift, OST and several others and they were all too generic for my needs. Using eTakeoff with the Excel add-in, made for a quick, accurate and extremely user friendly framing takeoff program.”

Mark des GroseillierEstimator, LeBlanc Building Co

“. . . I was able to see, firsthand, the benefits of the use of AutoCad in identifying areas that would become problems, requiring re-framing, had they not been studied and addressed prior to the commencement of the framing operation. Tradesmen who install their component systems within the framing benefit as a result. Their systems install in an efficient, workmanlike manner because the framing constraints have been anticipated and addressed ahead of time.
Anyone experienced working with today’s stringent structural requirements can easily envision the benefits of such a tool.”

Tom AndersonOwner at Silver Water Building & Development, San Francisco Bay Area

“. . . As an engineer, I value the opportunity to have direct communication with contractors, for clarification of the structural drawings or for suggestions that simplify construction. AutoCAD output, in either PDF or DWG format, can be a very valuable tool that both designers and builders understand. A comment or question from the field is much easier to understand, and is therefore able to be answered more readily, if the contractor can augment written or verbal communications with a pertinent drawing.”

Doug MischeMische Engineering 949.230.5088