Most of the higher priced grading and excavation systems make use of 3-D, topo lines and elevation points. This system is based on averages of sections just as is taught in colleges and universities. It is presented as a “2nd seat” tool for larger contractors or as a primary tool for smaller grading and excavation contractors and general contractors.

Utility contractors will appreciate the Pipe Excavation ML tool. Using the tool to perform a length measurement input the existing and invert Utility_2elevations for the beginning and ending points, select pipe type and size, various materials and working areas, and this tool produces volumes and weights as appropriate along with the natural materials that need to ship from the site or to be retained for back operations.

Other tools available are Cut & Fill (Slopes), Excavation (substructures, basements, man holes, etc), Pad Creation, ponding, Section based excavation and more.

Frequently engineering drawings have scales with different vertical and horizontal scales. This type of section takeoff is included.