This set of tools covers most Structural Steel details and configurations. If the item being measured weighs more than a quarter pound, a weight is provided in tons for that item. Many items in this type of construction are actually identified by a weight amount in the item description. Many items do not use weight as part of their description and most estimators use a Weight and Size Handbook.

HSS (Hollow Steel Section) items are difficult to calculate weights without resorting to a weight book or spreadsheets or other sources of weights per lineal foot for various items. I have discovered methodology for calculating these items accurately through strict mathematical calculations in the extensions (assemblies). When testing these tools I frequently was within 2 to 3 pounds on 2500 lineal feet of HSS items. This makes the takeoff process very fast, accurate and efficient.

With structural steel not all items are visible to enable a length measurement. Sometimes there is only a note or similar item to tell the estimator an item is in a particular place and many times the only indicator is a detail saying an item is present. Because of this inherent difficulty I have built count tools requiring a length or other input from the user as well as the length tools which require no further input from the user. I have built all the tools in this particular set to enable multiple takeoffs across multiple pages for each item. Use this according to the level of identification required for your takeoffs. A piece count is kept by dividing by two the length items and counted count items, of course, by one.

ASTM standards are used throughout but are editable should a project require a different specification. CSI text entry boxes are provided in each tool. Every tool has the capability of entering man hours for each piece.

Connections are a separate takeoff with this system. A document from Purdue University’s School of Engineering is linked and is used to describe the various types of connections. One very important factor is whether or not these connections require “Moment Transfer” welding. Each connection, except base plates, has this checkbox. By checking this box the Measurement List reflects that this connection has an additional field welding requirement.

Included with this system is a tool for performing Structural Steel Decking. It is important to differentiate between type/use of decking, gauge, width of material and finish. All these items are accommodated.

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