Construction Computer Technology since 1983

CSP Construction Technology PartsFitTogether_2is a company with construction and computer experience developed together – the intent of the computer has always been to improve the quality and value of the company while helping to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

We started with Lotus 1-2-3 and a Lockheed digitizer running on a 286 clone PC. We introduced AutoCAD shortly after and we found out we could draw manually faster than the computer could process all the information.

Eventually, came Windows, Excel and a mouse driven AutoCAD program – things were getting better!

AutoCAD introduced the capability of PDF “printing” in 2006 and changed the Construction Industry forever. Now sub contractors and some general contractors were made responsible for the production and cost of construction drawings. In 2008 we discovered electronic drawings and digital takeoff systems and that cost was erased.

As the software and hardware became more powerful, true integration of the various software tools became a reality making it possible to do electronic takeoffs on screen and have the takeoff data automatically populate an Excel workbook template.

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