With the exception of the standing seam takeoff tool, the roofing tools are part of the General Contractor’s tool set and that manual is used for this system. There are Area, Length, Pitched Area, Pitched Length, Area by Length (think parapet walls and similar items) and, of course, count tools. In addition, there is Standing Seam takeoff Trace/Extension (Assembly).

The Pitched Length tool has an option to elect whether or not the length is a hip/valley pitched length rather than a “Gable End” type of pitched length.

Because all the tools have an editable drop down box for type “XXXDef” there is no limit to the types of traces that can be built using cloned extensions (assemblies). This process is shown in the Cloning Extensions Video. Entire sheet metal and roofing type traces can be built with very little effort on the part of the user and managed by eTakeoff’s trace folder capability.