Many contractors “Square Foot” their structural hardware takeoffs to varying degrees. In these times that is not always a good practice. This system, though difficult to set up, is fast and accurate to use.

These takeoff tools are used primarily by Structural Wood Framers and the inputs for nails are based on quantities an estimator would normally generate while performing a lumber takeoff. It calculates all types of nails, both gun-driven and hand, for framing, joisting and shear panel. Glue used with floor framing is calculated.

All normal Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners, ties, straps, hold-downs, and other items from their catalog related to Structural Wood Framers, are included with this system. Bolts, especially for “exposed” conditions have the option of “Black”, Plated or Hot Dip. Nuts follow the choice for bolt finish. Plate washers have all the capabilities of Los Angeles earthquake design specifications with various finishes required by different municipalities.

Joist hangers can be taken off individually or by spacing choices in a lineal measurement. Some areas of the country want their hangers to be fastened with screws. This is accommodated by checking a cell in the Excel Workbook which reveals the amount of the proper screws required for the various hangers. These are actually calculated in the eTakeoff environment.

There is a separate Excel Workbook to receive data from an eTakeoff project. I normally set this up for contractors because of the initial variables required by the Excel Workbook.