CSP Construction Technology Services

Reseller of eTakeoff Software & Add-Ins

We have been resellers of eTakeoff software since 2011. In addition, we have developed add-ins for all major non-MEP trades.

We can offer you single or multiple licenses of eTakeoff’s Advanced or Premier. In addition eTakeoff has an Extension Add-In that enables Advanced License users to develop their own extensions (assemblies) and creating custom measurement list formats – unlimited columns.

VBA for Excel
Paperless Lumber Estimating
Construction Assembly Drawing
CAD Drafting
VBA for Excel

CSP Construction Technology has developed many applications for Excel that include estimating, scheduling using custom workweeks, payroll time card systems, construction hardware estimating and more.

Anything you now perform manually in Excel can be easily automated eliminating user input errors. Contact us to review your current system and receive a no obligation free quotation to make your business life easier to manage.

Lumber Estimating

Paperless Lumber Estimating is the main reason I  purchased eTakeoff in 2010. The system is currently being used by Production Framing Contractors, lumber companies and General Contractors.

And it is what I will use to perform your lumber estimate. I charge by the square foot – pricing varies by job type – with additional charges for siding and first floor walls on a wood floor.

Submit your plans in PDF format and I will provide a firm price to estimate the lumber you need for that project. I denote how each piece is to be used. I provide AutoCAD generated PDF drawings for all assemblies that are not normal construction types. I provide a Word document with all questions and statements

Construction Assembly Drawings

Construction Assembly Drawings are sometimes called shop drawings. As a framing contractor I manually drew assemblies for the foremen of my company for all difficult assemblies so there would be no questions as to how to assemble any given item.

With the advent of AutoCAD LT in 1998 I began using that to provide all snap sheets, layouts, beam plans, joist and rafter layout plans. With AutoCAD’s accuracy capable of 1/16″ it became very possible to provide joist¬†layouts that contained critically placed lights and toilets while maintaining joist spacing requirements. This minimizes head-outs and pick-up.

I would be happy to produce those drawings for your next project. Contact me for a firm, not to exceed, cost to provide accurate, easy to read plans to increase the accuracy of your work while minimizing pick up.

CAD Drafting

CAD Drafting if far better than anything done by hand. CSP Construction Technology has done many single family home plans and other types of drafting.

Contact us for a proposal for your next project.