This set of tools is suitable for Concrete Contractors who may or may not do their own rebar takeoffs and for rebar suppliers wishing to do accurate rebar takeoffs without having to detail a job to get the quantities. It is not detailing software such as aSa. It does provide bend counts for stirrups and similar items.

There are over 45 different extensions (assemblies) encompassing most configurations to be found in residential, commercial, industrial and many facets of heavy highway.

There are many different ways to add rebar to various details. Most tools use 20 foot rebar for calculations except slabs larger than 14,400 square feet (these use 60 foot material) and some support structures which provide user choices from a drop down list to use a choice of 20, 30, 40 or 60 rebar lengths. Forming quantities of different types are provided. Gravel and sand substructure options are provided. Formed grade-beam on caisson construction, common in many parts of the U.S, is part of this system. Tie-Beam construction, very common in Florida and not seen much elsewhere, is part of this system. For further details on these and other components, refer to the linked manual.

This system is also suitable for Tilt-Up construction providing the weight of each wall for crane capability needs in addition to the added rebar peculiar to Tilt-Up construction. There are various types of embedded hardware for Tilt-Up and other types of concrete construction and bolts for manufactured shear walls.

There is a complete set of drawings in PDF format provided to illustrate most of the configurations because, as it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. These are linked in the Excel Workbook provided with this system and they are used as part of the three part help system that comes with this takeoff tool set.

Each of the data cells in the Excel Workbook is “range named” to enable easier access to the data with a customer’s Excel friendly Estimating software. Quantities are accumulated by type of configuration and totals for the project, as appropriate, as well as summary quantities on another worksheet within the Workbook. I have built into the system a feature whereby the user can price each individual size of rebar both in the individual configuration and as a job total. No other pricing capability is provided with this system.

The system is an Imperial based measuring system and I have a workbook that converts all Imperial sizes to Metric sizes and weights. With eTakeoff’s scale setting capability it is easy to set a scale for Metric drawn plans to Imperial and perform takeoffs in feet and inches.

Contact CSP Construction Technology for a demonstration.